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Pingnoo - an open source ping analyser (GPLv3)

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    You may have forgotten to post a link to your code / app ;-)

    +10 for name, Pingnoo sounds awesome :-)

  • Ha! Only a year later....


    The code is at https://github.com/nedrysoft/pingnoo and the website is https://www.pingnoo.com

    It's moved on a lot, I switched to CMake and CLion fairly early in development and haven't looked back, I really like CLion. It's actually in the hot-picks section of this months Linux Format magazine, that was a bit of a surprise as you can probably understand.

    I've also pushed quite a few of the libraries I developed for this into their own repos as well (and they are now submodules in pingnoo), there's also a few bits and pieces in it to support macOS big sure where some of the standard Qt dialogs look terrible now compared to the native ones, so I've implemented the color dialog (Qt implements it too, but you can't set the title, I've filed a bug report but....) and the message box dialog.

    The project was originally started because I have painsomnia, so I'm often awake all night, having something to focus on is a massive help.

    The base project is all in place now, and I'm working on various bits and pieces to fill out the application. It's built around plugins, so it's extensible easily. Having feedback from people is awesome as it having people submitting patches and so on.

    I'm currently working on adding as many pre-built binaries for various Linux distributions, I use TeamCity as my CI which generates the deployable images which I can upload to github or packagecloud easily. This evening I have been working on the "arch" packaging.

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    Looks awesome. :)

    Moved to showcase

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