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How to change that part of the UI that has been changed by the model

  • Dear,

    I'm complete new with -QT-- Qt-, I only read the documentation for "new with qt". I'm a college student and we had one less about -QT- Qt the basics.
    After that, we must program a game with our first user interface and it is a bord game like monopoly so it's 2D.

    My question is, I've been searching over the documentation for a full example how to make an interface and simply let the interface
    change after the model has done something and the view just updates only what has been changed.

    For example: If one player has turned a card with an action, then an action has happend so the bord only needs to change that for that player the rest of the interface musn't change.

    Maybe you can give me some advice or tutorials how to do that? I thought something with slots and signals but I'm not sure about how to implement it in my code so the view and model are completly seperated.

    Hope you can help me.

    Kind regards,

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