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ToyBlocks the OpenGL / physics engine playground

  • Wanting to update my knowledge on modern OpenGL a while back I started working on a piece of software which later turned into ToyBlocks the software .. And as a Qt coding competition came along at a nice time, I ended up finishing this project and now its found in the Nokia store for the N9:

    Basically its a bunch of toy blocks piled on top of each other. You can push them and see the physics engine (Bullet Physics) in action. That is it. :)

    Next version shall get:

    • lighting
    • shadows
    • probably more complex block stacks
    • better surroundings (ie. skybox)

  • Version 1.1. is out (although at the moment of writing has not yet passed Nokia Store QA but will before xmas :)). New features include:

    • per-pixel dynamic lighting
    • dynamic shadows with depth texture shadow map
    • parallel physics calculations for extra kick on multicore devices
    • fences!
    • completely redone textures
    • Android port (all hail Necessitas!), not yet in store though but coming real soon:

    New Harmattan + Android (tested on HTC Desire Z + Galaxy S2) binaries available on the site.

    • Matti

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