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Custom Widget Development needed for music app

  • My app Rekord Buddy needs a couple of new custom widgets but I lack the bandwidth to work on those. This would be remote contract work with my company which is based in California.

    The first widget would be a audio waveform display with the ability to put markers of different colors on top of the waveform. This would also be able to move and zoom in and out using a mouse drag action. Think the kind of display any DJ app has.

    alt text

    Eventually I want this to be editable also but step one would be displaying the data. This would most likely remain closed source.

    The second widget is an Qt version of Cocoa's NSTokenField. I currently have a 'good enough' approximation of it via a Qt textfield but this does not allow reordering by drag and drop like the Cocoa version does. I'd like one that does allow that kind of reordering. Note that even though I would be paying for the work on this second widget, I'd be willing to open source the resulting widget for the community.

    If you're interested in either or both of these, hit me up and show me some example of previous work. Thanks!

  • Hi @Didier-M

    I can surely help you with this.
    Can you drop me an email at or skype me at live:noah_3861

    looking forward

    Warm Regards,

  • Dear Didier

    I have made a small demo of an implementation:

    In the demo you will see a rough waveform ( sine wave superimposed on another sine wave superimposed on a logarithmic function) in red at the top and a scrollbar in green at the bottom displaying the entire waveform.

    The demo shows how you can

    • Scroll horizontally by dragging the handle on the scroll bar
    • Scroll horizontally by dragging in the waveform (you get a closed hand cursor)
    • Zoom in and out using the wheel on the mouse.
    • See how the handle of the scroll bar disappears when the entire wave fits in the top view.

    Obviously there need to be handled styling, multiple channels and insertion of markers, but that are things that, in this case are either trivial or depends a lot on the data you have available in the program. What I would like to point out in the demo is that the core of the widget (panning, scrolling and displaying waveforms) is definitely something I can help you with.

    I hope you find my demo interesting enough that we can proceed with a chat over skype, jitsi, whats app or what ever suits you.

    I am located in Denmark, but am available at most hours upon request.

    Best regards,

  • @Mowijo That's the basic idea, although like you said a lot of work would involve styling it correctly to fit within the app.

    Let's talk on Skype and see if we are both interested in moving forward with this. Can we DM skype handles on here?

  • Hello @Didier-M

    Waiting for your response.
    Add me over Skype:- noah_3861 so I can share my work with you.

    Best regards

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