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Open Source viewer for genetics variation

  • Hi,

    I am working on a standalone viewer of genetics variation using python/Qt.

    How it works ?
    It imports differents genetics data file into a sqlite file using different handler ( VCF file, 23andMe, myheritage, csv... )
    After importing, you can filters from UI, genetics variations according their annotation to find for instance a disease causal mutation.
    The software is designed to be highly customizable with plugins.

    I am alone on this project and I would appreciate any helps ! The project is avaible on github
    You can test the current version from pypi


  • Hi,

    This project has been selected from one of the French genomic diagnosis plateform for human genom sequencing analysis.
    If you want to help, feel free to join us or contact me.

  • Hi @dridk2 ,
    I wish to help you with this project.

  • This post is deleted!