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Replace DLL name and DLL dependecy

  • Is it possibile to replace the name of a dependency inside a dll ?
    In the past, a competitor of mine, got my software and through "dependency walker" he checked and saw what type of external library my software used.


      |- QT5Core.dll
      |- QT5Widgets.dll
      |- QT5Gui.dll
      |- BoughtLibA
              |- BoughtLibB
              |- VCRuntime140.dll
              |- Kernel32.dll

    In this case I can rename the "BoughtLibA" as "GenericLibA" but I can't rename the "BoughtLibB" because is fitted into "BoughtLibA".

    So, ...
    Question number 1
    there is no way to replace the dependency of "BoughtLibB.dll" from "BoughtLibA.dll".

    Question number 2
    A different approach, can I static link the BoughtLibA.dll? ...I don't think so.

    Any advice will be very appreciated.
    Thank you

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    Hi @addebito,

    by using a hex editor many things are possible, but wouldn't it be easier to ask the vendor of BoughtLibA to give you a shared lib for static linking?

    On the other hand, what is the problem? If someone wants to find out which libs you are using, he still has possibilities to do so (searching for strings in the exe file, for example)


  • @aha_1980 Thank you for your kind reply and.... you are right, is not enough replace the name of the linked dll.

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