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Boot2Qt for RPI3B+

  • Hi - newbie here

    I've flashed Qt2Boot for RPI3, like in the tutorial in Qt Creator.
    When I start the RPI up, I get the all-color splash screen but it does not move on to the raspberry splash screen. Instead the red led flashes four times slow + four times quick, and then starts over.

    Tried two different SD-cards and re-flashed a couple of times. Some other images tested with the same SD-cards works fine.

    Any ideas what the issue could be?


  • Figured out I had to download a QBSP and install that to get a later version of the RPI part. Then the screen turned black during boot. So disabled VC4 graphics in the config file. But now it I get

    Timed out waiting for device /dev/ttyS0.
    Depenency failed for serial Getty on ttyS0.
    Reached target Login Prompts.
    Reached target Multi-User System.
    Starting Update UTMP about System RunLevel Changes...
    Started Update UTMP about System RunLevel Changes.

    And there it hangs

    Any suggestions how to get it to move on?

  • I had the same problem. The LCD stays dark and only shows the log during boot. Qt Launcher is displayed on HDMI, even when no monitor is connected. Changing the config.txt file to disable HDMI did not resolve the issue.

    I was just looking in the forum because during evaluation there is no support for device creation, and it seems that for a start-up license, there is also no support... I wish somebody could help.

  • Re: Getting DSI LCD and HDMI output working with Qt embedded on Raspberry PI 3B+

    there is a solution! change vc4-kms-v3d to vc4-fkms-v3d in config.txt


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