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A subtle error in the forums software

  • I found that when submit a post have html tokens appeared in the text,it will failed and all text will be lost.
    This is happened when I try to write my question out,I wrap a short span of html file in @-tags and submit it,then all my text lose and an empty post eppear.At first,I think may be It's my IE's fault,so I write my question again and make a copy then repost it in Google chrome,the same result appeard,then I suddenly realized that the @ tags is used to wrap codes only,So I use "//" to comment all line of html text wraped in @ tags,failed again. After that I removed the @ tags of my html text,failed again.I also try to use "&gmp;lt;" and ">" to replace all of the angle brackets in html tokens,It's really funny that I want to write html file in a place where shoud be seen as code... May be that's my fault.But the same thing make be happened to others,so I give a little advice:
    1.Is there any tags used to wrap html code like the @-tags work for c++ and JavaScript code?May be it's usefull and some other types of code may need it.
    2.When the server fail to parse the text,I really don't want to lost my text.
    Thanks to Mr.Volker[] to help me find this.

  • Thanks for the report giselite, we will have a look.

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