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QML CoreUI Guide

  • Hi,

    As part of our QtAuto efforts and as a reflection of some Automotive projects we did in the past we came up with an Architecture Guide for larger Qt Embedded Systems user interfaces.

    The guide is available at:

    Looking forward to get some feedback and hints how to make things better!


    / jryannel

  • Hi,
    First, thank you for this it helps a lot with scaffolding and understanding the basic concept of the architecture.

    I am having some problems exposing middleware services to the UI.

    Is there a simple example of core UI with a middleware connection?

    P.S. i know Neptune UI is an example, but because of its complexity it is hard to grasp what is exactly happening.


  • Thanks for sharing such great information, the post you published indigocard have some great information which is quite beneficial for me.
    Really appreciate.

  • This post is deleted!

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