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  • QTNationaldex is an app that emulates the National Dex from the Pokemon games where it is a database for every Pokemon shown in the series.

    I wanted to create a project after taking a couple of C++ classes at my college and this was the result of my effort/fandom for Pokemon and programming.

    • Search for Pokemon by region or as a whole
    • Text to Speech so that it reads the information like in the show
    • View a type effectiveness chart that can be used for battles
    • View a nature chart that can be used when looking at EV's
    • Animated battle gif of the Pokemon sprite
    • Click on a Pokemon's evolution to jump to that specific Pokemon
    • Location of the Pokemon in the current generation
    • Description of the Pokemon's abilities, evolutions, type weaknesses, and the moveset that the Pokemon learns through leveling up and using TMs
      Build and Install
      Visit my git for more information on how to install and use the application.
      Please feel free to give me feedback!

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    Thank you for sharing.
    I don't know anything about Pokemon but
    its cool you used gif so they are animated and the code looks clean and structured.