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QTCreator Build and Run

  • Hi all,
    I usually use QTCreator for my application. Before I used KDevelop and it has a stupid function but usefull for me.

    I press CTRL+B to compile and CTRL+R to run but If I press CTRL+B to build and I want to run I must wait the end of compilation and then press CTRL+R to run.
    I'd like to press CTRL+R during compilation and only wait the start of compiled application. said... a very stupid question... :-)

  • Doesn't CRTL+R build if necessary and than run the compiled application.

  • [quote author="kkrzewniak" date="1275065957"]Doesn't CRTL+R build if necessary and than run the compiled application.[/quote]
    Yes, but sometimes I press CTRL+B to build but I want also run so I can't press CTRL+R while compiling and I must wait the building process and then press CTRL+R .

    With KDevelop I can do that. It simply schedule all the key I press and execute all the command in sequence...

    As I said, this is not so important but it's useful for me... ;-)

  • Hi Luca,

    It's not so stupid, and could be a useful suggestion.

    You might want to take a look here: to find information about how to send in feature requests.

  • yes this would be useful

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