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Minefield - A Open Source Minesweeper Clone

  • Well I'm learning Qt right now and i was thinking what could be a nice project. I was searching for something not too trivial.

    So i thought I make a clone of the old school Windows 95 minesweeper. During development I got a lot of not so trivial questions but could solve them all with the help of the forum. Thank you for that.

    Especially the correct behavior of the cells was quite a challenge for me.

    The Result looks like this:

    minefield linux.png
    minefield windows 10.png

    I downloaded the original Windows 95 Minesweeper here:
    And basically programmed the behaviour after it. Now it also runs on Linux (and probaly Mac).

    You can find the full source code and some tests under:

    Let me know what you think (Also about the source code).

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