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Toou2D Lightweight UI open source framework

  • Toou2D Complete source code, easy to use

    Referred to as T2D, it is a lightweight UI framework written by its own module specification, which follows Qt writing and organization form with a very low threshold. It is easy to use without in-depth learning. Rich control modules are suitable for rapid development of the interface, allowing programmers to have more energy to realize business logic and algorithm.

    • Qt Controls and Controls 2 have been abandoned to improve the performance of dozens of common Ui Controls.

    • Perfect theme system, business logic and interface theme design separation, can be easily modified variable custom theme skin. Flexible multi-theme skin binding mechanism enables one-click skin removal without restarting the App

    • The ini skin configuration rules blend with each control. Configuration can be dynamically extended within or outside the application.

    • Framework automation installation support dynamic library, static library multi-mode compilation. Easy to use, safer and more free.

    • Provide rich Demo, comprehensive help documentation, Api access quickly and easily. Projects must be open source framework!

    • Integration with the latest version of Font Awesome 4.7 has been completed

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  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    That looks very nice and with many controls. ⭐

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