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Qt 5 on Raspberry Pi - the thread

  • Hi,

    any instructions on how mentors should proceed with the respective focus areas? What are the next steps?

  • Sorry for the proliferation of channels but the QtonPi mailing list just got created and that is the perfect place for project discussions like this one about the role of mentors.

    This thread is useful for those who just want to chip in and out.

    About the topic itself, now the most important help is to make sure that the right people gets the board, trimming that long list of candidates. The rest is about soft-mentoring and being sure that evident overlaps and disconnects are avoided. We are not requesting an academic mentorship here, just decentralized help handling the projects done with these 400 boards.

  • About 150 participants have been selected. About 250 boards still to go. Recommendations welcome!

    Please have a special eye on those developers that are Qt Ambassadors & Especialists since at least we know about them. Pay also special attention to those claiming to be maintainers of other projects.

    I have created a "More info, please" section for those that haven't provided much detail, no links and/or no clear references to a Qt specific project:

    Feel free suggesting entries to go there, it helps cleaning the list of candidates. I those listed in this section don't bother to provide more details then we won't bother to keep them under regular review.

    Note that we have currently 324 participants for 250 devices, and the selection becomes harder with every candidate accepted.

    Thank you for your help!

  • clandestinahds and eroland updated their entries with links to more info about their projects both for the Robotics area, I personally recommend them.

  • Both accepted, thanks!. I assume you know well the relevance of Qt in their projects? By the description is not evident (at least not to me).

  • Hi Quim,

    After getting that Call for Mentors mail I've added myself to the mentor candidate list. I hope I can be of some help for the projects.


  • Hi, qgil

    I have submitted short introduction.

    my username is rahulvala.

  • Hi Quim,

    I recommend jykae (Ville Jyrkkä) to the QtonPi program. He's a Qt Ambassador and has been active in sharing his knowledge of Qt in our local community. I think he can contribute to the areas of Animations or Games.

    Thanks, Carol.

  • I noticed a couple of people have already been assigned under me - that's great! For the project I have in mind, I think Jérémie Delaitre may be a good candidate for mentoring - his project has similar goals to my own, and developing a standardized set of controls would be nice. I also think nathan.f77 would be another good candidate in this area.

  • njeisecke, qtrahul, cybette & fxtech thanks! Feedback integrated.

    By the way, I'm starting getting the feeling that many people start looking through the list from the top, and then somehow doesn't have time / attention to go till the end. Help picking good candidates at the middle and end of the list is welcome too.

  • I think Igor Kubrakov has a compelling idea - and very similar to what I want to do. Ideally he and Jérémie Delaitre (and myself) could collaborate on a standard set of widgets and develop an SDK to make integration with applications easy. I am doing my own research into turning the concept into an inexpensive commercial product.

  • In my eyes Igor Kubrakov falls in the category of entry with no links or references of past work. Moved to the last section.

  • Hi there!

    I put our project up on the wiki list. I was going to start development early January but as Qt has started this idea off, I thought we could begin earlier.

    We have some plans already being researched for the Raspberry Pi and some of them will be (hopefully) a much cheaper (the software will be free and not require extremely expensive hardware) alternative to many "specialist" applications. One of the biggest challenges for Open Indie Project Dot Org will be to provide full language support. We decided to use a talk table system for this but also provide methods to use on-the-fly translators. We will be providing support for verbal, written and visual methods of communication (speech, text, sign and Makaton for example). This system will also be published under an Open Source licence to allow other developers to make use of it in their own projects.

    Once Open Indie Project Dot Org enters alpha testing (December 16th 2011) we should start getting things brought together.

    I have used other environments in the past but only glanced at Qt. No particular reasons, just luck of the draw. However, after taking a look into Qt seriously, I think it might just be the way to go.

  • Thanks for accepting me. :-)

  • I recommend flakopana, he updated his entry with a link with some info I think he will be good in robotics area

  • Nice to see all this buzz about raspberry PI and Qt. I've been accepted, now I'm in the education categorie with the OpenGL graphic calculator Math Graphica. I'm very motivated right now, hacking OpenGL ES programable pipeline wich I'm still not very confortable with.
    I've been reading the Pi website and foruns with close attention, and this little piece of hardware looks really nice. Also it looks like that Meego Mer OS can be used.
    I also have a very old software I made in MS Visual C++ 6, with very cool 3D animated graphs of electromagnetic waves propagating in open space and in rectangular wave guides, this would be a heck of a good port to the raspberry.
    Thank you guys, keep up the good work.

  • Hi qgil, did update my entry (User: mhoff) with link to Ethernet/IP stack project - would be great if you could have a look to it again. Could open great application space for Raspberry / QT5 in automation integration.

    Thanks for your attention.

  • I recommend truta.alexandru ( ), we study together at the same university.

  • Hi Quim,

    I recommend Michael Rondeau (mirondeau). He is a colleague of mine at work and having two people working together is better than one!



  • I don't see the "Mobile Apps" and "Desktop Apps" category in the QtonPi accepted list. :)

  • Moderators

    So, it would appear that the voucher codes have gone out today for those who are signed up with the QtOnPi program! Hoorah!

  • Hi, this is a reminder to the developers listed at

    Missing a CODE SENT or OK flag. We need your confirmation. Please follow the instructions at the top of the page.

    Your help is appreciated scanning the page and pinging / forwarding this email to anybody you know. Thank you!

  • I'm not sure if this is the place, but there is a problem with the toolchain-and-sysroot-armv5tel.tar.bz2 in qtonpi-0.2.

    I cannot extract this archive.
    it will unzip, but not untar.

    sha1sum matches for the entire archive.

  • [quote author="jackassplus" date="1341074339"]I'm not sure if this is the place, but there is a problem with the toolchain-and-sysroot-armv5tel.tar.bz2 in qtonpi-0.2.

    I cannot extract this archive.
    it will unzip, but not untar.

    sha1sum matches for the entire archive. [/quote]

    What command did you use to extract it?
    @tar -xf <filename>@

    this should automatically recognize the compression applied or if that fails
    @tar -jxf <filename>@

    will extract the bzip2 archive.

  • interesting, I tried it in a few different environments and it appears to have been a problem with one particular VM. First time that has happened.

  • Hello, I don't know whether this thread is active or not so simply try. I have used the bakeqtpi.bash script from At the end I got the following messages:

    Compiled qtimageformats
    Compiled qtsvg
    Compiled qtjsbackend
    Compiled qtscript
    Compiled qtxmlpatterns
    Compiled qtdeclarative
    Failed qtsensors
    Failed qt3d
    Compiled qtgraphicaleffects
    Failed qtjsondb
    Failed qtlocation
    Compiled qtquick1
    Failed qtsystems
    Compiled qtmultimedia

    What exactly does this mean to me? Will QT5 run properly on my PI?

    thanks for your feedback

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