QT Creator on raspberry pi4 (4GB RAM).

  • I would like to install QT Creator on raspberry pi4 (4GB RAM). I don't want to do kross-compiler . How to do it with all possible modules such as qtwebenginewidgets, charts, multimedia widgets etc. Do you have any instructions?
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    Unless you can find a Qt version already compiled for pi4
    then you will have to make a Qt version that
    runs on it.
    I think the debian stretch comes with older version.
    There are many tutorial on the net building Qt for Pi boards


    Pay attention to the eglfs X11 and/or Wayland options.

    You most likely want to use X11 since it sounds like you have a
    Desktop linux running on it.

    However, be prepared to use time on it. Its not super trivial.

    Also, it seems in Buster
    the https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=244984
    it comes with Qt 5.11
    so maybe thats enough for you ?

  • you can download it from packages

    sudo apt-get install qml-module* (what ever module you need)
    sudo apt-get install qt5-declarative qtcreator qt5-default or qt5base*

    (i do not know exact packages names, just pres tab to check if it is available)

    on raspberry 3 it was necessary to activate OpenGL EGLFS to use qml but since raspberry 4 can use opengl es 3.0 you do not need to compile on your own to use qml

  • Thank you for your answers, especially David_001. Your suggestions allowed me to start stream from camera via QtMultimedia.


  • @pirates21 if your issue is solved, please don't forget to mark your post as such! Thanks.

  • @pirates21 how have you done it , could you share the steps ? i am thinking about to get a RPi 4 and do what you have done as well , especially the multimedia part , any hacky steps involved to use it on RPi 4 ?
    thank you .

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