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How can I remove my reply?

  • How can I remove my reply? Or I can't?
    Maybe it would be useful?

  • Hi Alexander,

    Only moderators have access to edit/move/split/delete posts at the moment.

    Thank you for the suggestion, I will bring this for our discussion and see if we can do it.

  • I think it would be useful only for my last reply in the discussion.

  • You should be able to edit it at least.

  • plaffi, Yes, I know, but sometimes I want just to remove. edit != remove :)

  • Hi

    I just checked by logging in as a member and I see this is possible

    Have a look in right side of each post below member user name "quot | link | edit"

    After clicking on edit link , it is possible to edit the post.

    All members can edit their own post :)

  • We discussed the option to remove posts before but decided we didn't want that to be possible. Just imagine there being some huge discussion after a certain post which then suddenly disappears. That would be at least confusing.

    I know that it could be annoying if your post collides with someone else's or you misunderstood something. Editing should do in most cases though. And you can always report content and ask the admins to remove it.

    Does that make sense to you?

  • Alexandra: I do not see any fundamental difference between editing and removing when it comes to ensuring that the flow of a discussion is unchanged. Just sprinkle a couple of "not"s over your previous post and watch the confusion;-)

  • I agree, it's bad idea to remove reply. But I think, it would be useful only for last reply in discussion. For example, I post my message and immediately decide to remove it because it's wrong answer.

  • Point taken. Maybe we should indicate if a post has been edited. Opinions?

  • Yeah, it will be good to indicate it. Also maybe make some restrictions for quoted posts ?

  • And I think that the original post that started the whole thread should not be editable at all.

  • lytus: I could have made an error in the original post itself, so why restrict?

    I feel any post could be edited by the user who made the post. If we are allowing wiki to be fully editable and relying on users to do the right thing and provide the right information, then forum discussions should also be editable. If someone completely changes the contents of his/her post, the following reply could be slightly off tune, but using the quote option would restrict this. The users would tend towards the right content in the end.

    In the long run, the wiki is stable and should provide all info one needs, whereas the Forum discussions are for things in a flux.

    Changing the style of an edited post should be good enough. Some sort of history would be an overkill. Bravo this is probably my longest post in the forum yet :P

  • I'm not sure but I think in Qtcentre a user has 8 hours to edit a post. After that the post cannot be edit I believe.

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