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  • Hello All, I am new in this forum, one of friend suggest me this is a big forum community. So I am putting my query here, I want to improve my C++ coding skills and looking for a new latest tutorial of C++. I have to google it about that but still, I can't find the best one. If anyone knows the latest tutorial of C++ please let me know.

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    Hi @Arjunkumar, welcome.

    There is no "latest C++ tutorial", but rather lot's of tutorials and videos from where you can pick. It all depends on the level you are now.

    For example, I like the C++ weekly series on youtube. I also liked this video on modern template metaprogramming. The KDAB blog regularly contains C++ problems that were solved. And you can watch the C++ experts subforum here and ask specific questions.


  • You can try code learning and challenge sites:

    I have done a few of the exercises at project euler. It is very math oriented, but you can solve the problems with whatever language you want to practice in. Exercism is VERY basic programming with mentor feedback. If you are just starting out it would be a great way to get help from people about your code. I have only glanced at code forces, but it is like project euler, but more CS oriented.

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