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Mac developer, Qt & C++ experience, wanted for project build

  • Please note: This is an Open Source project - unpaid.

    I am looking for a developer to build the Mac release of AlbumEasy including the install.

    AlbumEasy is a Qt/C++ application for creating custom stamp album pages
    Currently, I only release Linux and Windows versions of the program as I have no experience in building Mac software nor do I have a Mac.

    As I am getting regular requests for a Mac version of the software I am looking for assistance with this.

    The project can be found here:


  • As it's open source you can use the free CI platforms to release on all systems:

    • Travis lets you build and deploy for Linux and Mac
    • Appveyor lets you build and deploy for Windows

    If you post your project on github (I'm not familiar with subversion and the collaboration process on sourceforge) I can try to upload the scripts to manage your releases using those services

  • Thanks VRonin,

    To check out from Sourceforge is fairly easy, assuming Subversion is installed on the client machine (often the case on Linux systems), just change to an empty directory and execute the command:
    svn checkout .
    (Note the trailing dot)

    I am not too keen on changing the existing Windows and Linux build and install scripts - no point in fixing that which is not broken, as they function perfectly well as is.

    As I do not have access to a Mac of any sort, Travis does look like it could be a promising solution. However, the issue goes beyond just building and testing for functionality. It is also necessary to ensure that the application has the feel of a regular MAC app that would be familiar to the average user. e.g configuration data, documents and fonts installed in the correct places, familiar toolbar and menu layouts etc. Something I am not capable of doing as I have never actually ever used a MAC.

  • @clivel There are cloud services which allow you to rent a Mac machine and use it like VPS or VDS. For open source project you may be able to get it for free on

  • @Konstantin-Tokarev
    An excellent resource, thanks Konstantin. I will apply today.
    I am sure that my project meets all the requirements.

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