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Nice graphics app with Qt android OpenGL

  • A beautiful android app is launched for android users. Please follow this link

    [https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.scribble.app](link url)

    This app is for scribbling and sketching on android, and then one can grab the image. The color of drawing is red, you can draw just anything by your finger touch and write alphabets as well.

    This looks quite a lot like a CAD app. This is optimized with app-bundle so less memory space is required, any device for it can support.

    Please check out this link in play store also there is a link of you tube video, you can check it out before grabbing it.

  • This is a CAD app, handy for android users, from sketching drawing to text writing, by free-hands is possible with this. Very useful and elegant look n feel. You can save your sketch by taking screen shot and start a new sketch by clearing the screen. If you have any query feel free to ask me.

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    @yellowlemontree2014 why does this simple app cost 155 bucks?!

  • @aha_1980 This is simple because it is made to be like simple to use. But it has in-built some good algorithms and tricks, By finger touch or finger moves you can draw anything you want, you can write anything you want, it is a continous process once your page is filled, you can erase it with clear screen button and make a new sketch after taking screen shot of the last one and save it.

    More over it is made to be targeting audience for all kind of android devices for now and future by making the use of app-bundle. If you use it then you will understand how you can experiment your mind for sketching with this app.

    This is a optimum price put on it.

  • @aha_1980 Moreover this is made to be not just a drawing or sketching tool, but it is basically a CAD graphics app. Where you can make your free-hand 2D CAD sketch for building 3D models. Those who are CAD people they can make their 2D views with this app very easily, dimension less. And then they can export it as an image to make their 3D models.

    FYI, I have plans to launch a 3D app to extend its features upto 3D level of model building, that will be little more costly but I am working on it. Soon I will update you all about it's launch.

  • Android playstore links:




    After launching these 3 Android Simulation Apps, by Simulation-Apps, we are planning to
    launch a new 3D Geometry Modelling App for Android users. It is still dependant on the
    response we get from the previous 3 apps. Out of this 3, the first two are free, third one
    is again a Geometry Modelling App but 2D which has a price.

    More details will come later.

    Please check out these three apps. And don't forget to give your feedback.

    Thank you.

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