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Beginner Guide to add/setup compiler for QT on RPI3

  • Hello guys, anyone that could help to setting up QT Creator to run/develop /build applications on RPI. (not cross compiling)
    I just installed it and could not run anything... is a little frustrating not finding information.
    I know I need to add a compiler gccc and setup a "make" sentence but don't know how.

    Any help is appreciated.


  • @ChristianRPI said in Beginner Guide to add/setup compiler for QT on RPI3:

    not cross compiling

    Just in case, is there a compelling reason for that?

    I just installed it

    1. Could you please describe how you installed Qt Creator on your RPi device?
    2. What OS are you running on such device?
    3. Have you installed Qt 5 on it? If so, how?
    4. Have you installed build tools (i.e. gcc/g++, std lib, etc) on your device?

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