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[SOLVED]suggestion for actions default behavior when uncheked

  • Hi,
    in my application I've got a set of checkable actions that must perform all the same task when unchecked and a different task when checked. The problem is that I'd like to connect a cehcked signal to the specific behavior, and an unchecked one to the same default behavior. Unluckily, the qaction provides only a signal for trigger(bool) and toggle(bool), so I have to check within my slot if any single action is unchecked or not. Any suggestion on how to solve this easily?

  • Subclass QAction, add your own signals, and make a simple internal slot that emits either the checked() or the unchecked() signal based on the new state?

  • I was looking for a simpler out-of-the-box way, but since it is not so hard to coding this one, I will take it!

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