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[ANN] QtitanRibbon 2.5 and Microsoft Office 2010 styles for Qt has been released!

  • We are pleased to announce that the component QtitanRibbon version 2.5 has been released. The release is implemented minimize/maximize mechanism of the Ribbon Bar and an API to manage this functionality. Mechanism is fully compatible with the functionality described in the specification of the Microsoft Ribbon UI. To the existing office 2007 styles, it adds new Office 2010 themes - Black, Blue, Silver:

    !http://www.devmachines.com/images/ribbon/qtitanribbon_2010_blue.png(Office 2010 Style Blue for Qt)!
    Microsoft Office 2010 Blue Style for Qt
    !http://www.devmachines.com/images/ribbon/qtitanribbon_2010_black.png(Office 2010 Style Black for Qt)!
    Microsoft Office 2010 Black Style for Qt
    !http://www.devmachines.com/images/ribbon/qtitanribbon_2010_silver.png(Office 2010 Style Silver for Qt)!
    Microsoft Office 2010 Silver Style for Qt

    New styles will allow to look your applications more modern. In addition to new functionality, we have fixed errors that are discovered, so the component has become more stable.

    What is QtitanRibbon component?

    QtitanRibbon is a implementation of the Microsoft Ribbon UI specification for Qt. It allows you to add next-generation UI interface to the your Qt application. It's available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.


  • I am evaluating to use QTitanRibbon for a modernization round of our software application. One thing I found that the API documentation is not up to par with what we're used to for Qt itself. Has that been addressed as well, or will it be improved shortly? So far, it is rather sparse.

  • I know about the problems with the documentation. We will find ways to improve it. The exact timing is difficult for me to say.

  • I think it will be really worth your while to invest into that a bit. Seriously: a good qualitity documentation with the library will be more important sales point than yet-another-feature. Show off what the library can do now, and how the users can achieve it. Currently, the first pages users will try from the online documentation just don't work[1]. That makes the product look bad, and it will certainly be an issue I will take into considderation when evaluating the product.

    [1] From http://www.devmachines.com/productdocs/ribbon/index.html try the link "Installation and First Steps with QtitanRibbon" or "Overview" for instance...

  • I agree with you completely. Maybe you can help us improve documentation of the product?

  • I know the post is a bit old, but I indeed bought the product hoping that even though the documentation is lacking, that at least the forums were helpful.

    Well... BIG MISTAKE, the forums are worst, they are dead, it's too bad that you pay for a product (and it's not cheap, a few hundred dollars) and you get as much support as a dead sourceforge project.

  • Thanks for the feedback, that is useful information.

  • Well… BIG MISTAKE, the forums are worst, they are dead, it’s too bad that you pay for a product (and it’s not cheap, a few hundred dollars) and you get as much support as a dead sourceforge project.

    On our forum, we provide answers to problems that do not cause us to doubt. All errors and especially critical bugs that are posted on forum are corrected instantly and you will have the way for bypassing. If you encounter a problem or misunderstanding of architecture i ask you to duplicate your problem to mailbox - support@devmachines.com. So i beg you to note that the project is young and needs time to tidy up some of its parts (including documentation).
    In addition, i want to thank you for your order and i hope that all problems will be solved ultimately!

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