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[Qt 5.12.1 developer build qmlplugindump error] qmlimportscanner: No such file or directory:

  • Hi, I built the developer version of Qt creator (also happens with debug version though), using as parameter to configure script (in windows), the -extprefix D:\Qt\Qt-5.12.1.
    Everything is built okey, but when executing qmlplugin dump the following error is stated:

    Error parsing dependencies file <outputOfQmlimportscanner>:illegal value at 0
    failed to process output of qmlimportscanner
    qmlimportscanner: No such file or directory: "D:/qtsrc_5.12.1/build_dev/qtbase/qml"

    Notice that D:\qtsrc_5.12.1 is where the source code resides, and the subdirectory build_dev is where the code is built. Then from that path the jom install command is executed and as result built files are installed in the directory I stated in the first place (D:\Qt\Qt-5.12.1).

    What I want to know is if there is a way to tell configure a parameter (maybe -prefix parameter?), that makes the qt executables to look for the qml modules in a folder related to the installation directory, or maybe setting an environment variable to Qt lib to search for it there, like for example there is one for the plugins, the QT_PLUGIN_PATH.

    Hope anyone can help me and thanks in advance.

  • Seems that adding D:\Qt\Qt-5.12.1\qml to QML2_IMPORT_DIR solved the qmlplugingdump from failing by issuing a QmlComponent not ready, but the qmlimportscanner error still arises. Anyway, I can continue to work from this, but it would be nice to know the real way to resolve the issue.

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