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[SOLVED] Want to show only Name column of QFileSystemModel in QTreeView ..

  • HI All,
    I want to show only Name Coulmn of QFileSystemModel in QTreeView
    my codes are here
    CTestDlg::CTestDlg(QWidget *parent) :
    ui(new Ui::Dialog)

    model = new QFileSystemModel(this);
    model->removeColumn(1); // for removing Size Column
    model->removeColumn(2);// for removing Type Column
    model->removeColumn(3);// for removing Date Modified Column
    model->setFilter(  QDir::NoDotAndDotDot | QDir::AllDirs);
    ui->treeLocalFolders->setRootIsDecorated( true );
    QModelIndex homeIndex = model->index(model->myComputer().toString());
    QString home_path = model->filePath(homeIndex);
    QModelIndex root_index = model->setRootPath(home_path);
    proxyModel = new QSortFilterProxyModel(this);
    proxyModel->setSourceModel( model );
    proxyModel->removeColumn(1); // for removing Size Column
    proxyModel->removeColumn(2);// for removing Type Column
    proxyModel->removeColumn(3);// for removing Date Modified Column


    Even after removing the corresponding coulmn from QfileSystemModel & QSortFilterProxyModel
    it was not getting removed from the QTreeView..

    Please let me know whether i am doing anything wrong on this...

  • Have you tried QTreeView::hideColumn()?

  • Wow..its wounderfull...
    Thanks for your valuable inputs...

    Its working fine now..

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