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Do users need a free, open source surveillance app power by state of the art computer vision(deep learning) technology?

  • I am planning to develop an surveillance app like this one. Not sure app like this needed by users or not.

    Main purposes are

    1. Make it part of my portfolio
    2. Sharpen my skills

    Functions plan to support for 1.0

    1. Emit alarm if detect certain objects(people, car, dog etc)
    2. Collect data of person, like age and gender, show the data on chart
    3. Emit alarm if detect suspicious person in the database(by face recognition)
    4. Access webcam and cctv
    5. Support gpu/cpu
    6. Send alert info with image to email
    7. ROI(region of intereset) selection

    Another interesting functions like smoke and garbage detection are considering. I think smoke detection of indoor is a doable with semantic segmentation, outdoor could be more complicated since I believe cloud and fog are harder to discriminate.

    Garbage detection is another topic, I am not sure it is doable or not, you can check the discussion at mxnet forum if you are interested.

    I can handle most of the technical issues by myself, including gui, computer vision algorithm, deep learning, network etc, but it wouldn't have beautiful ui since I am not good at art.

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