So I tried the suggestions by @jwernerny. I dumped the QSqlQueryModel and went with a QStandardItemModel. TableView now displays correctly. Code now looks like this: void MainWindow::on_btnLoadTable_clicked() { conn = new Connection("LOCALHOST\\SQLEXPRESS", "Plants"); stdModel = new QStandardItemModel(this); conn->init(); //Set driver and connection options conn->open(); qry1 = new QSqlQuery(conn->db); const int COL_COUNT = 3; if (qry1->exec("spBatchesPerPlant")) { qDebug() << "Executing query..."; int row = 0; //used for counting rows in the query while (qry1->next()) //Loop through the results { for (int col = 0; col < COL_COUNT; col++) { stdItem = new QStandardItem(qry1->value(col).toString()); stdModel->setItem(row, col, stdItem); } row++; } ui->tableView->setModel(stdModel); } } Motto of the story: stored procedures generate forward only queries. QSqlQueryModel does not work for forward only queries, so use a standard item (or custom) model.