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QtWS25 Call for Papers
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    @mrjj No I don't have a .pro file so I am opening using a .qbs file
    @Bagavathi I have done as you said, and that has worked. (i.e. Upgrading gcc/g++ )

    In the meantime I also discovered ( I am on Ubuntu ), that using command-line and 'make' works fine for all projects. So I am sorted.
    Thanks very much for your help.
    John Montgomery, Glassel, Scotland.

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    @AlaaM said:

    Are you talking about this:
    run sudo apt-get install libqt4-dev

    No, that's Qt 4. @SGaist suggested that you install Qt 5.

    @AlaaM said:

    No, there's no warning icon next to the kit:

    Hmm, the kit looks ok.

    Can you describe exactly what kind of project you're trying to create, when you got the "No valid kits" error message?

    @AlaaM said:

    Yes, there is a yellow warning.
    Please see this image:

    This image tells me that you manually added Qt 5.2.1 to Qt Creator. Do you remember where you got this copy of Qt 5.2.1?

    I installed Qt from here:

    Like @SGaist said, that's the Qt Creator IDE. I recommend you uninstall that, and install the Qt library instead: (this installer also includes Qt Creator)

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You also need to make it known the Kit.

    By the way, why not use the MinGW compiler provided by Qt directly ? Doing so you would already have everything ready to use.