We've added support for the first Qt types: QString and qreal. You can now do this: class Color : public Gpds::Serialize { public: QString name; int red; int green; int blue; virtual Gpds::Container toContainer() const override { Gpds::Container c; c.setComment("a color object"); c.addAttribute("format", "rgb"); c.addAttribute("name", name); c.addValue("red", red).addAttribute("depth", "32"); c.addValue("green", green).addAttribute("depth", "32"); c.addValue("blue", blue).addAttribute("depth", "32"); return c; } virtual void fromContainer(const Gpds::Container& c) override { // Retrieve format const QString& formatString = c.getAttribute("format").value_or("n/a"); assert( formatString == "rgb" ); name = c.getAttribute("name").value_or("n/a"); red = c.getValue<int>("red"); green = c.getValue<int>("green"); blue = c.getValue<int>("blue"); } }; Which will result in the following XML: <color format="rgb" name="Black"> <blue depth="32">0</blue> <green depth="32">0</green> <red depth="32">0</red> </color> There's also a Qt specific demo/example in the repo. Isn't the world wonderful? There's still a lot of stuff left to do tho.