@Kart said in Google not loading in QtWebkit: Hi @Konstantin-Tokarev and @JNBarchan, Right now I am trying on an x86 embedded device. I have a Qt 4.8.6 kit for x86 with frame buffer support. But the same issue exists. I have another Qt 4.8.6 kit with same webkit 2.3.4 having a x11 support that I am running on my Ubuntu 12.04 (yeah I am a stone age guy). There the google maps works absolutely fine. So am I missing something on my embedded device ? Or do I have to really move on to Qt5 ? It can be that your QtWebKit configuration that you have on desktop doesn't exactly match your configuration on device. E.g. desktop version uses system libxml2 by default when building, while your embedded version may be built without libxml2 and use QXmlStreamReader instead (which may result in bugs) There may be differences in hardware between you embedded system and PC. For example, does your embedded system support SSE2? I am not against Qt5 or anything. I already have cross compiled Qt5.9.2. But I haven't yet ported my project to Qt5. Can we call it plan B ? Unfortunately "web inspector" is a new word for me. Could you please give me any information on how to use web inspector on an embedded device or how to integrate with Qt ? Do setProperty("_q_webInspectorServerPort", 1234) for QWebPage object, and connect from other WebKit browser to that port (1234 in this case) Thank you.