@sierdzio thank you for sharing your experience. An important point for our development team is to allow the designers to write a part of the qml code, at least to basically create the interface as they want, or to be able to modify a part of the interface during the development cycle without having to resort to developers. I must clarify that they have the skills to achieve that. We also have the possibility to reload any modified qml file on runtime from inside our apps, so the modifications may be shown directly into the running application. So, what I'm searching for is a framework or IDE which would allow to write qml code in the most possible independent way. Until now the closest tools I found were Qt Creator and Qt Design Studio, but Qt Creator is problematic when the qml code links to custom c++ widgets or references (especially when the code is created with Visual Studio), whereas Qt Design Studio allows to create a pure qml interface, but needs to be converted before using it in a real c++ project. 2 questions interest me: Are there any other tools than the 2 mentioned above to generate qml content? How other development teams manage the change cycles between the design teams and the programming teams?