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Releasing the source of a VideoOutput QML type

  • Is there a simple solution I overlooked for a VideoOutput to release its source again?
    I got a VideoOutput as part of a delegate for exactly one of the delegate elements (model elements) and it works as long as I don't clear the model and rebuild it again.

    It seems to me I got to somehow make VideoOutput release its source.

    Setting the source property to null doesn't work.

  • I "cheated" and packed Camera and VideoOutput in their own Component and used a Loader. A Loader can easily be released by setting its sourceComponent to undefined.

    However, the Camera fails to start up properly every second time. I added a timer to the delegate component that sets sourceComponent of the Loader to undefined and back to the camera every 500 ms until the Camera finally succeeds, provided another timeout is not exceeded, in which case an error is shown.

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