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migrate old application

  • Hello every one, I'm newer with Qt,
    I need to migrate an old application works only on windows to a cross-platefom application without changing the source code because it's very delicate.
    So there is any methode to include the external application.

    also the external app developped with html5, css, js, kendoUI, and it have a DLL files.

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    Can you explain a bit more about

    • So there is any methode to include the external application.
      as the app would still be a windows only app and would not run on other platforms.

    So what part of the app is tied to windows?
    html5, css, js, kendoUI, seems cross platform by nature but
    depends on what app is.

  • I have run into "old apps" before that were difficult to change "delicate". A lot of the time the app was designed in a flawed structure. The structure used to build the program was not robust and made things difficult to change. In cases where the app had significant need to be used in the future it was often the shortest path to come up with a list of requirements, functions, etc and create a design document. From this a new app was written with lessons learned of "how not to do things". In the long run it was the shortest route.

    Your mileage may vary. Nobody has a crystal ball.

  • @mrjj I asked if I can include the html pages and the other files inside the webview of QT,
    My old application it's inside firefox portable (I customised the source code firefox portable)

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    to some degree that will work.
    You could try
    and see how much just runs.

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    This post is deleted!

  • @mrjj thanks I will try that , may be it works
    I find an other solution, I will load links in webview , But I still have an other problem, how to load DLL files for windows or so files for linux dynamically regardless of the target platform (linux or windwos).

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