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migrate old application

  • Hello every one, I'm newer with Qt,
    I need to migrate an old application works only on windows to a cross-platefom application without changing the source code because it's very delicate.
    So there is any methode to include the external application.

    also the external app developped with html5, css, js, kendoUI, and it have a DLL files.

  • HI, I am also newer to Qt (2 Years).

    You currently only have an application that works on windows and you want to include that application in Qt some how so it will work cross platform without changing the source code?

    Your going to have rewrite it using Qt or another frame work so it will be cross platform.

    Maybe your thinking of sand boxing your windows application so it will work on MAC, Linux ect.. Maybe something like this?

    I have tried them all, my original C# VSMC 2015 will work with Crossover, Wine, or boot map but I could not expect the customer to spend the extra money to run your application and it never seemed to run natively, it always seemed to have quirks.

    I myself and taking the time to learn Qt so I can port over the existing code, to the Qt/C++ frame work.

    Was there any reason why you posted your question in the QtWebEngine section ?

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    Please don't cross-post. Closing this as duplicate of

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