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Nokia N9 - first impression

  • Just had the opportunity to hold an N9 in my hands, and try it out for a while. In short, I want one, now...!

    The phone itself feels very solid, looks fantastic, and is just the right size (for me, anyway). And the user interface is just marvellous. It felt more fluid and responsive than any other phone I ever touched, including iPhones and Android phones (not to mention WP7...). And the swipe thing feels very natural, once you try it out.

    It's a real pity that they've said that this will be the only Nokia phone with MeeGo on it. I don't understand what good such a statement can do anyone, especially Nokia. This phone deserves to be a huge hit, and I'm fairly sure it would have been, if it was not for that statement. Of course, I really hope it will be, despite that.

  • I'm waiting for N9 in Italian market... But it seems I'll never see it...

  • Hi Ludde,

    Thanks for sharing your impressions!

    Did you try out the calendar? From a photo I saw once on the internet it looked very flashy with different colors for appointments.
    I would really appreciate your opinion about it.


  • I am waiting for one too. Unfortunately I can't stay without... Develop with it :)

  • Can't wait to try one, I've read somewhere that the apps have a color theme for categories, how does it look like? I mean the whole UI? and the media capabilities? is it as good as they said?

  • I only had a quick look at it in a shop, so I just got a general feel for it, and cannot answer your specific questions, sorry... but I was really impressed with what I saw, and hope to own one in a week or two.

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