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Visual QML Drawer creation.

  • Now I need add some QML types to my existing widget-based application for Android. I would prefer use widgets only but there is no QDrawer class and others unfortunately. I read some articles and understand how the C++ code must look to do this. But I never worked with QML and I do not know how operate with it's parts and designer. I have Designer form for main app interface. I added QML file to project and ready fill it. I will contain But can I use designer to visually develop QML Drawer content? I want place several buttons inside drawer and organize them. How do this visually? Or this can be done only in ancient MS-DOS way edit-try-fix?

  • While the designer is nice editing the code itself gives you much better control.
    There's an example (Qt Quick Controls - Gallery), which is probably simple enough to show you how to implement a drawer.

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