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[Solved] How can i call two slot using timer alternately?

  • I have two slot mousepress() and mouserelease(). I want when i will call timer the two slot should be called alternately not once at a time, so that i can visualize difference between mousepress and mouserelease while running the timer.

  • If i understand you correctly every mousepress() should be followed by mouserelease() in a certain amount of time. So you can just create additional timer in mousepress() and connect mouserelease() to it.

  • Mr. p-himik Did you want to say i have to use two timer?

  • //put this at the bottom of the mousepress slot

    //and this at the bottom of the mouserelease slot

    and then call one of the slots.

    This should make a call to the mousepress() slot trigger a call to the mouserelease() slot 1 second later and vice versa.

  • I think that a faster way maybe a single function with a flag. You should only set the negation of the flag inside the slot and fire it every timer trigger. Then the flag indicate the way the slot function should follow.

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