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Issue displaying html's <select>

  • Hello Qtees,
    Sorry for this is half a QtWebKit / half Qt compilation question. I encounter an issue with QtWebKit displaying html select as a top-level resizeable window with decorations (being on a non-X11 platform, w/o window manager). I tried to understand QtFallbackWebPopup.cpp in order to see what caused this issue and found that the QComboBox is wrapped into a QGraphicsProxyWidget (which only accept top-level widgets) thus allowing Qt to draw its own default decoration. however, i don't have Q_WS_QWS #defined.
    My question: Is getting rid of window decoration a matter of adding/removing more defines to Qt's configuration ?

  • It seems QWS does not handle Qt::FramelessWindowHint flag in proxy instanciation.

  • Did you ever figure out a way around this? I'm running into the same situation when running Qt apps under FreeBSD.

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