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Delegate access in view

  • Hi all,

    using model view architecture. Qt 5.9.3

    I want to call a member function in a combobox delegate placed in a particular cell to dynamically change it's contents.

    I don't see any way to access this?? Cannot get a pointer to is this possible? If not WHY not..seems like it should be simple to do...

    I do NOT want to destroy it and re-create it each time it changes, this takes too long..

    Every spread sheet program lets you do something like why is this not documented anywhere I can see...


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    Where are you getting this data from ?

  • Data comes from a model as an int to set the combobox.

    I managed to do this:
    ComboBoxDelegate *TypeDelegate; // our custom drop box

    // Make sure we are at the selected row in tableview....
    TypeDelegate =(ComboBoxDelegate *)ui->IDC_SLIST->itemDelegateForColumn(1);
    TypeDelegate->SetCmdSet(Sel); // tell drop what list to load

    This seems to work ok, but not sure casting is typesafe or the right way to do it...
    IDC_SLIST is a TableView


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    The c cast is not optimal. we have qobject_cast which is safer.

    TypeDelegate =   qobject_cast<ComboBoxDelegate *> ( ui->IDC_SLIST->itemDelegateForColumn(1) );
    if (TypeDelegate ) { // check if cast worked
    TypeDelegate->SetCmdSet(Sel); // tell drop what list to load

  • Thanks for that, I will update the code


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