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AnalogClock Widget Example Error

  • Hi

    I just installed the QtSDK v4.7 on Windows7/64bit and started by building the Example Widget AnalogClock.

    It builds and runs fine but when I select the "Projects" tab in the General section under Build Directory it is in red font and hovering over the path it states that the path does not exist:


    If I open up Windows Explorer and go to the above path it is:


    and both paths appear to be the same.

    Thus, why does Qt complain that the build path is invalid?



  • Yeah, that's funny: add a letter to the path, delete it, and the red color and the error are gone. Sorry for the first reply (edited), it was not correct.


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    Note that the "build directory needs to be at the same level as the source directory" is a issue in qmake, not Qt Creator. It is visible whenever you use qmake.

    Other build systems have other quirks:-/

  • First reply edited :) sorry.

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