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How do I selective static compile Qt application on Windows?

  • Dear all,

    I would like to make static compile for Qt on Windows. The main problem is huge size of EXE file.

    I just use QDialog, QLabel, QTextEdit and some others. How can I selective link to these classes which I used.

    If I link to Whole QtGui, it all include in my EXE which make huge in file size.


  • Hi zither,

    I can't beleive that. Do you look at release build? Debug might be huge, but release should be some kB.

  • AFAIK no way.

    But you can:

    1. build minimal Qt with this params for example:

    bq. configure -release -static -no-accessibility -opensource -no-sql-sqlite -no-qt3support -no-opengl -no-openvg -no-libmng -no-libtiff -no-libjpeg -no-dsp -no-vcproj -openssl-linked -no-dbus -no-phonon -no-phonon-backend -no-multimedia -no-audio-backend -no-webkit -no-script -no-scripttools -no-declarative -no-declarative-debug

    1. use "UPX": for compressing.
    2. use msvc, it give less size of exe file instead mingw

  • @Gerolf
    Yes, it's release build. static compile of release for a EXE's size +4MB for a simple GUI.

    The params which you give only reduce Qt lib size? for example, -no-sql-sqlite only exclude "qsqlite" module & it can't effect on EXE size unless I used that module in my EXE.

    I'll also try with msvc.
    Is there any other optimization with mingw for static compilation?


  • 4 MB for a statically linked hello world executable, which includes Qt lib stuff and C++ stdlib stuff, is not huge!

    Leaving out some features in a static build does not reduce the size of the final executable in a noticeable way. By linking statically against the Qt libs, you will pull in only the object code that is needed to run your app.

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