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translating installer created with pre-built Qt installer framework regardless of OS language

  • I'm trying to have a translated version of my installer which I've already created using a pre-built version of Qt installer framework, but the documentation is Inadequate and I need to know where I should put the translation file(en.qm file which I've translated to the destination language)

    I've tried putting the translation file in the config folder and setting the <Translations> element in config.xml but nothing changes comparing to creating the installer without this element. the only progress that I've achieved was when I put the en.qm in one of package folders in meta folder and adding the <Translations> element in it's package.xml. but in this solution only half of the pages are translated.

    this is the translation element which I've added to config.xml and package.xml


    when en.qm is added to package file in meta folder ,new pages and some of default pages are translated ,but the fist page( welcome...) and start menu shortcuts page and next and back buttons are never translated.

    P.S:I need the installer in the my own language and the OS language is always English.

    P.S_2:I'm using Qt 5.9.1 and pre-built Qt installer framework 3.0.6 and I have created the en.qm file using the following command on the installerfw pro of the source code of installer framework releases version 3.0.6.

    lupdate en.ts

    and then

    lrelease -ts en.ts

    Thank you

  • @Amy-jonas said in translating installer created with pre-built Qt installer framework regardless of OS language:

    know where I should put the translation file

    U should put in the package.xml.
    Did you refer this example?

  • yes, I forgot to mention when I set the translation element just in config file nothing changes. I only set it in package file now but some pages are not translated
    and I have checked this example but I can't change the first page in the example without changing system language, either

  • @Amy-jonas
    I think you have to run lupdate on all the .ui files like shown in above example.

    lupdate installscript.qs page.ui -ts <language>.ts

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