Grab the snapshot from qt-gstreamer for QImage

  • Hi,

    I am working on qt-gstreamer from this example It works but I would like to know how to grab the image for QImage, please?

    How can I grab the image from this step, for my Qimage’s snapshot?

    QImage snapshot;
    //watch for the receiving side src pads
    QGlib::connect(rtpbin, "pad-added", this, &VoipExample::onRtpBinPadAdded);
    //watch the bus
    QGlib::connect(m_pipeline->bus(), "message::error", this, &VoipExample::onBusErrorMessage);
    //switch to the video view and connect the video widget

    Thanks in advance

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    That's a question you should rather ask to the QtGstreamer developers. Note that the bindings are unmaintained at this point. There's however a qml plugin in one of gstreamer plugin modules.

  • Thanks for your reply.
    The bindings are unmaintained, so it is not worth anymore to use QtGstreamer for Qt 5.12. Is it right?

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    The bindings are working as is so you may use them. However you have to take into account that the folks of GStreamer don't maintain them anymore.

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