QT Creator 4.8.0 Drag and Drop problem

  • Hello,

    I installed a new windows 10 on my computer and installed QT, I got a very strange problem I never saw it, when I add any widget and try to move it, I hold my mouse on it and start to move it freely and easily and smooth, now when I start to move it, it only moves like there is delay or something, i can't hold it and move it as i like, I restart my computer and my qt, also i rest QT setting delete all files in AppData and nothing solve this

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    That sounds really odd.
    If you try to drag a file in Explorer ( like from folder to desktop) does that work?

  • Yes, what I tried now is to reinstall QT again I have an offline release, iam now uninstalling it and I will reinstall and see if this help, and i will tell you if it worked or not

  • The problem still found even after I reinstall my QT, I have QT 5.12.0 offline package, I don't know what is the problem that causes this, I added a button and I start to hold it with the left mouse then start to move it, it not follow my mouse at all it only move one step and I should do it again until I reach the place I want to put it in, really annoying but.

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    It really sounds like its seeing a mouseRelease event, however
    if drag and drop works fine elsewhere, it seems mouse is functioning as expected.

    Did you install patches to win 10 ?

  • No, this windows 10 I have with no any updates at all.

  • alt text

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    I have never seen such bug/effect reported.
    Since reinstalling Qt did nothing.
    I think you should try updating windows.
    the 10240 version is a bit old.
    so Creator might have some sort of issue if only tested with
    more patched version. They did change a lot over the years.

  • ok thank you very much, Iam working on install new version of windows now and I will back to you here to tell you the result

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    I cross fingers it fixes it.

  • Yes, Thank you very much I changed my windows with a new version have the last update and it worked now with no problems

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    Ok super.
    I will make a mental note that patching windows
    actually fixed it. \o/

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