Probleme with generating project *.pro

  • Hello evryone, for VS project already existing, i used to generate the project using the *.pro (Qmake thing i think), i replaced vs by qt creator keepin VS environement. i used to click on the .pro with right clic and generate the project , now the generate line desapeared and the .pro is set as a qt file by default.
    I m a little begginer in that thing and for information (i don t know if it s usfull to know i m using xbinder).
    Can you help ?!

  • Hello,

    In order to generate .pro file please follows these steps:-

    1. Delete your *.o , *.pro file and make file (if already existing). where these are located.
    2. open the terminal/cmd prompt and run/execute the following commands:-
      a) make clean
      b)qmake -project (it will generate your new *.pro file)
      Hope this helps.

  • @IamSumit thank your for your answer, in fact i already have the .pro ! the be more specific; in my machine i have qt so to run a qmake on my project i open it with qt and i run a qmake (so easy :) ), but what i m trinig to do is to apply a generate on the .pro (not to generate it) on a machine that douesn't have qt !
    sorry for not being enaught clear but i m a little begginer !

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    you can use qmake to generate the VS project file, using -tp vc argument, see
    I never tested the quality of the result though

  • In fact it's more complicated thene that there are so many environement variables to set !
    i found an other way to do what i have to do instead of using this generation !
    thanks for unswearing any way!

  • @lkatir two things please if you solved your issue:

    1. it would be great you can describe what you did so other readers can benefit eventually
    2. don't forget to mark your post as solved!

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