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Building a designer plugin on Windows 10, Qt Creator 4.8

  • About Qt Creator shows it was built against 5.12, with MSVC 2015, 32-bit. So I tried to install Qt 5.12 with 32-bit MSVC 2015, but there is no option for that. What do I do? If you guys tell me I have to build Qt Creator from source with MSVC 2015, 32-bit, I'm not going to be happy. If that is the case, it is kind of a dick move to not provide that option for installation.

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    Qt 5.12.0/1 offer vs 2017 32 bit.
    Since 2017 and 2015 is compatible ( which never was the case with older versions) ,
    you should be able to
    use that for Creator plugins.

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