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QT 5.11.3 with MSVC 2017 issue

  • Hi all,

    Maybe this is a MSVC issue and not a Qt issue. I upgraded my (rather big) project from using Qt 5.7 / MSVC 2013 to Qt 5.11.3. As this version does not provide any MSVC 2013 binaries, I upgraded to MSVC 2017. The project compiles fine after minor changes (missing includes) but crashes at some point, likely in one of Qt methods (processEvents). The debugging is however extremely difficult because everytime the application crashes the Visual Studio debugger keeps showing me a page that says

    Frame not in module
    The current stack frame was not found in a loaded module. Source cannot be shown for this location.

    along with another popup window that says

    Exception thrown at 0x0000014F2EC9FBA8 in myapp.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0000000000000000.

    which seems to indicate a segmentation fault / bad pointer.
    The Visual Studio debugger is stuck in this "Frame not in module" page and is unable to show me any call stack.
    The same code was working with Qt 5.7 / MSVC 2013, and still works fine on Linux (gcc) with 5.11.3.

    Has anyone experienced this kind or issue from Visual Studio?
    I found some related issues on the internet (people having the same "Frame not in module" page) but none of the provided solutions worked for me.


  • @ppetitpr


    is your application program using some libraries in addition to those Qt libraries? type #include "afxwin.h", #include "stdafx.h", etc.

  • Hi,

    I also use Boost, but I don't think it is linked to the error since the crash does not appear on Boost-related code. I will check it though, because I had to change the version too.

    As for the "stdafx" and so on, I don't use precompiled headers and these includes are not found in my project nor in the dependencies.

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    You should try a simple Qt example to show if this crashes also.
    What exact MSVC2017 version do you use? 64Bit? Do you use a self-build Qt?

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    @ppetitpr said in QT 5.11.3 with MSVC 2017 issue:

    The current stack frame was not found in a loaded module. Source cannot be shown for this location.

    This means that the debugger can't find the relevant debug information it wants to find to show you the stack. Suggestion: build Qt with debug information and that should go away and you should be able to get a meaningful stack trace.

  • Hi,
    @Christian-Ehrlicher I use MSVC 2017 64bit, with prebuilt Qt binaries downloaded from the Qt website (64bit version too of course).
    As for a simple example, I will try to do that but it involves a lot of code (with module hot loading).
    @kshegunov Does that work with the PDB files that we can download fromthe Qt website? Or do I have to rebuilt Qt myself?

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