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How to build the hello world apps in QT 4.7.4 with command line

  • hello all,

    i installed the QT 4.7.4 version on my windows xp machine. and i am trying out the hello world sample.
    the application works fine with the QTcreator. but i want to compile and link with command line.
    i have a tutorial that goes like this to make exe on windows

    go to the source directory.

    to create a platform-independent project file:

    qmake -project

    then to create a platform-specific makefile from the project file.


    now to build the program type


    the above command does not work. i mean it does not recognize it as internal or external command

    any clue??


  • If you using msvc try nmake command (necessarily from Visual Studio Command Prompt)
    If you using mingw try mingw32-make command (You should be sure, that you have path to mingw in your PATH variable)

  • You probably want mingw32-make if using mingw, or nmake if using MSVC.

  • thanks you all.

    i got it working. i slightly modified my "qtenv2.bat" bat file in PATHTOQT to include visual studio things
    "call "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat" x86"


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