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undefined reference to QAbstractSocket::resume(), connectToHost() & setSocketDescriptor()

  • Hello,

    I try to port an application initally developped with QtCreator using Qt 4.8.7 to Qt 5.7.1 on a Arm platform under Armbian.
    The compilation of the project seems to go well, but at the end of the buid process i get the errors (linker kind)
    undefined reference to 'QAbstractSocket::resume()'
    undefined reference to 'QAbstractSocket::connectToHost(...)'
    undefined reference to 'QAbstractSocket:: setSocketDescriptor(..)'

    someone can help me?

  • @pas059
    When you port from Qt 4 to Qt 5 there are certain changes which require code alteration. Have you started by reading & ?

    Though the functions you mention are still in Qt 5....

  • Hello JonB

    thanks for your fast reply. I had read the contents of these links that cencern my app; this had implied just few changes at source level for me.
    After making the source level changes, i had only errors of type 'undefined reference' for methods relative to QtNetwork. So i added the line:

    unix|win32: LIBS += -lQtNetwork

    in my .pro file, than after this it remains only the 3 errors above. Perhaps i forgot to add something else in the .pro file.


  • @pas059
    Sorry, I don't do this area myself. QAbstractSocket says it wants qmake: QT += network, assuming your line covers that I don't know why it would be complaining about just those functions, if it's not linking with "network" you'd think there would be other things left with undefined reference. But you need a more knowledgeable Qt-er than me.

    I think you're supposed to put QT += network into your .pro file.

  • Hello,

    Thanks you very much JonB, this was the problem: adding QT += network in my .pro file (and remove unix|win32: LIBS += -lQtNetwork) solves the problem. In fact, i had simply copied the line from the .pro file used with Qt4.8.7. You understood, i'm not a Qt expert, but now i will be able to move forward.


  • @pas059
    Glad you're solved. I'm no expert either, plus I don't use Qt Creator/C++/builds/makes/.pro etc. :) But I think putting that QT += network into your .pro does more then just the LIBS += -lQtNetwork. For example, if QAbstractSocket stuff is in an additional network library file, QT += network may cause extra stuff to be brought in, or flags, or whatever....

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