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Blank window using two screens

  • Hello!!

    This is a little strange issue. I am using two screens, and I have an application that opens different windows.

    One of these windows, has a little problem. These are the steps for reproduce the issue:

    1. Open the window.
    2. Move the window to the second screen.
    3. Close the window.
    4. Open the window again. The window appears blank and when I click the area in which there is a widget, the window shows normal again.

    Could you help me with this??

    Thank you very much!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Which Qt version do you use? Can you please provide a minimal, compilable example to reproduce the problem / we can see what you're actually doing?

  • I found a solution:

    Use this code in the part where you want to show the window:

    if (QApplication::desktop()->screenCount() > 1) {

    This solves my problem

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