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Windows IoT

  • Hi.
    Can applications developed on Windows 10 with Qt run on windows 10 IoT?

  • Yes,
    this is what Qt for WinRT/ UWP is meant for. The terminology can be confusing sometimes, as Microsoft changed the name from Windows Runtime to WinRT to universal Windows Platform. However, Windows 10 IoT (Core) is part of the UWP family.

    If you cross compile Qt for winrt-arm-msvc2017, then the binaries will work for Win10 IoT. We also provide binary packages for those.

    Please note, that Qt Creator is not able to handle deployment and debugging on remote devices due to the communication protocol being proprietrary. Hence you will need to use Visual Studio (qmake -tp vc <>

  • I am grateful for your reply.
    I was well acquainted.
    Thank you.

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